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Umbrellas for Good

Umbrellas for Good

2.5% of every sale goes to helping homeless people in New York City

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What’s so amazing about Blunt™ umbrellas?


Not only do they look cool, they’re super strong and cleverly designed to withstand strong winds—and, ahem, prevent poking others in the eye when you brush past them on the street! You might be surprised how much you will love an umbrella!

Built to last

You might think it’s pointless to spend more than $5 or $10 on an umbrella but think about how many umbrellas get tossed in the trash each year! So wasteful. Cheap umbrellas probably cost you more in the long run than a quality one.

24-month global warranty

How many umbrella manufacturers will stand by their product for two whole years. Probably not many. Blunt™ look after their customers because their umbrellas are durable and well-built—keeping you dry through many storms!

Tired of cheap umbrellas that break? Upgrade to an umbrella that is built to last.

Blunt Metro XS Umbrella

$49.00 $59.00

Blunt Metro XS Umbrella

Blunt Metro XS Umbrella

$49.00 $59.00

Blunt™ umbrellas are designed to last and are covered by a 24-month global warranty.

Order before 3pm for same-day delivery in New York City—from just $5.67.

Not living in New York? Get free US shipping on all orders.

Blunt Umbrellas

The best umbrellas in the world—designed in New Zealand.

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